The power of a story can be as invigorating as its origins. Some stories come from the walk of life, others may come from teaching skills or career experiences. No matter the path, people want to share their stories.

LC Media  seeks those clients who want to bring value to others, connecting those with intriguing stories to an audience wanting to listen.

Channeled through universities, conferences & organizations globally, LC Media connects, matches & networks those clients so their stories can be told.


Connect - Learn - Grow - Thrive

When creating an event, it can be challenging to fit all of the pieces into the larger puzzle. LC Media ensures the right match between speaker and opportunity. The desire is not to duplicate past success, but to adapt and grow new, unique opportunities. LC Media creates unique events dependent on the needs of the organization, nature of the event, and audience.

LC Media builds cross-collaboration and ongoing relationships between those involved in different industries, backgrounds, and cultures. The goal is to add a different perspective by crossing industries, adding a new element of learning and partnership. Business crosses into music, music crosses into academia, academia crosses into technology. Each of these seemingly separate worlds has many commonalities and can not only learn from each other, but build novel, exciting collaborations.

Specializing in keynote & related speaking engagements at universities, conferences & organizations within the entertainment business, arts, and academia, LC Media not only creates dynamic learning environments with engaging storytellers, but also helps these storytellers grow and develop into their fullest potential.



lisa-claus-450I cannot recall ever picturing myself working within the music industry or in any aspect of the business world. My background is in psychology and I always wanted to help people better themselves. While in college, I volunteered at a rape crisis center.  It was humbling to assist others in their journey to heal from traumatic experiences.  In 1991, I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology from Bowling Green State University and quickly found myself working as a social worker investigating child abuse and neglect in inner city Cleveland. Yes, this suburban, sorority girl knocked on doors to deal with situations most will thankfully never have to experience. Instead of dealing mainly with crisis situations, I knew I wanted to help others more proactively and on a deeper level.  I attended Cleveland State University part-time while working and was awarded my Master’s in Education, with a specialization in Community Agency Counseling. My subsequent jobs entailed supervising foster homes for difficult to place children and working in a community counseling center.  A common theme was connection - both in relationships with clients and connecting them to appropriate resources.

Happily married and a mother for the first time, I decided to stay home full time. When my son and daughter were school age, we made the decision to homeschool. Educating my children at home was my life for 7 years.  Homeschooling was an exciting and challenging adventure.  In a nutshell, I took on the task of building a personalized, separate curriculum for each of my children.  My son has high-functioning autism, which had to be taken into account when building a schedule and catering to his learning style.  My daughter is fiercely independent and a perfectionist, which also posed its own benefits and challenges in learning.  I discovered a world of amazingly supportive homeschool families where we built our own classes, researched and shared resources, and arranged some very fun, creative, educational field trips.  Again, the theme of building connections and utilizing novel, creative, and appropriate resources was prominent in my life.

During a time when the world did not yet fully comprehend the impact social media would have on our lives, I took on the personal and professional challenge of managing the solo career of Monte Pittman, a brilliant guitarist and songwriter who has toured the world with the likes of Madonna, Prong, and Adam Lambert.  So began my foray into the music industry.  This is a core theme in my life and deeply ingrained in my personality - I help where and when I feel it would be beneficial and I could be effective to the person and job at hand.  Drawing upon my resources of self-education, I thrived and accomplished many goals as a personal manager.

There were many accomplishments during that time.  We launched a Kickstarter campaign for Monte's second album, “Pain, Love & Destiny," at a time when Kickstarter was not as common as it is today.  This project raised a staggering $65,500, making Monte the top rock musician to raise the most money on the crowdfunding platform at that time.  Another management highlight was Monte being honored with a prestigious Career Achievement Award from the Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards.  

I learned a great deal as an artist manager, but I was not satisfied with the traditional tasks of booking shows and releasing albums.  Always seeking new opportunities, I knew there had to be more ….  Everybody learns, everybody wants to connect, everybody loves stories … Why not find a way to connect storytellers to their audience?  I constantly learn from others and know others do, too.

I left artist management in order to focus full time on exploring new these new opportunities.  I was met with an overwhelmingly positive response, as many seemed to want unique opportunities to build an additional source of income or a way to boost prestige and recognition as professionals.  I drew upon my college-educated background, homeschool experience, and comfort interacting with academics and organizations to poise myself in a unique position of being a liaison between universities and entertainment industry professionals.