Who Are Storytellers?

All of us are storytellers.  But, there are those who have a special gift of engaging their audiences and encouraging interaction.  These storytellers weave their lessons into a meaningful "take home" for listeners.  LC Media carefully chooses clients based on their integrity,  professionalism, character, and willingness to mentor others through their example and stories.  These storytellers "walk their talk."

Banner_1Josh Bernstein

Comic books, pop-culture and rock & roll can pay the bills as Number Foundation President, Josh Bernstein proves by building a stunning career from his passions. From humble beginnings as a Marvel Comics intern to publishing his own magazine empire under the “strength in numbers” mantra, the #Number Foundation, Bernstein learned that if he couldn’t find the entertainment he was looking for then he would create it himself.  Learn more... 

Banner_2Flemming Rasmussen

Flemming started as an In-house-engineer and soon became known for his great sound, and his ability to work with all kinds of music from Jazz, Folk, and Pop to Hardcore Metal. Everybody who worked with him, not only experienced the great sound, but also the feeling of being in ”safe hands”. This means that they can concentrate on their music, and get the work done, within the time booked in the studio. Flemming is extremely fast,  Learn more...

Banner_3Alex Skolnick

Perhaps best known for his work with the Bay Area thrash metal band Testament, which he joined at 16, Alex is equally adept as an improviser of jazz, world music and other styles. A star pupil of guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani, Alex went on to earn a BFA from the New School in New York City, where he studied advanced musical concepts, philosophy and creative writing. While at The New School, he formed the Alex Skolnick Trio,  Learn more...

Planetary_Coalition_1Planetary Coalition

Described as a "gorgeous tour of the world's musical traditions" by University of Dayton's prestigious ArtsLive program, Planetary Coalition - Skolnick's first acoustic album and first world music project - made Guitar World's Fifty Best of 2014 as well as top 10 lists by Acoustic Nation and World Music Central.  It consists of Alex's original compositions performed alongside international artists such as Rodrigo y Gabriela (Mexico),  Learn more ...


Additional Speakers

Scott Ian (Anthrax)

Brian Slagel (Metal Blade Records)

Blasko (Mercenary Management / Ozzy Osbourne)

Jay Ruston (Producer)

Albert Mudrian (Decibel magazine editor)

Kevin Lyman (Warped Tour)

Mike Mowery (Outerloop Management)

Martin Popoff (Author)

Scott Booker (Flaming Lips manager & Executive Director of ACM@UCO

Steve Hunter (Alice Cooper / Lou Reed)

Bruce Kulick (Grand Funk Railroad / KISS)

Finn McKenty (Creative Live)

Vivek Venkatesh (Professor Death Metal / Grimposium / Concordia University)

Jon Wiederhorn (Author)

Katherine Turman (Author)

Laina Dawes (Author)





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Former Client – Monte Pittman (Guitarist for Madonna & Metal Blade Records solo artist)

Personal manager for Monte Pittman (2010 - 2013), solo artist and guitarist for Madonna (formerly Prong and Adam Lambert).
Release of solo EP, "MP3: The Power Of Three, Pt. 1" (2013)
Release of solo album, "Pain, Love & Destiny" (2011).
Release of solo album, "The Deepest Dark (with Bonus Tracks)" (2010)

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